Eye catching design, innovation, cutting-edge technolgy... we develope and manufacture flexible elevator display systems. Free your mind and let fly your imaginaton, with our display you can creat your style! Try a better Solution!

We are ELEVAKE Technology!


Short Story:

Elevake was founded in 2005, to develope new elevator displays and parts. We grown a bit in every year, by cooperating with new companies in 8 countries of the World.

We make powerfull technology easy to use!





ELEVAKE is a Chinese - Hungarian technology enterprise locating in China, Beijing and in Europe, Hungary. The company produce mainly displays for elevator.

Passengers don't know wich control system, drive, motor used, they only contact with displays and buttons. So the elevator looks good "works" good. You can make Your style with our LCD displays!

Our promise: customized service to make you feel free; excellent quality comes with the reasonable price.

The company has many fittings products for customers to choose. At the same time we offer our professional service for the customized requests according to your specific demands.


To be successful with our customer is the slogan of ours, and also the really target we are eager to get. For our major business is supplying the high quality's ODM components of the elevator's automatic control system and display, it is easy to see, only our customer, the elevator's vendors have the good market and profit, we can share the benefit in the win-win situation, then. Besides of that, we devote ourselves to develop and innovate the elevator's control and display products for our customers constantly and cut the production's cost in the mean time, it will definitely help our customer to offer the end customer more advanced and flexible solutions and better service as well.
Therefore, In a short word, to work hard and also collaborate will be the strategy for us to grow up and strengthen ourselves in the long-term running.