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The ultimate powerfull display driver for any industrial solution.

- Adertisment options
- Elevator options such as floors, messages and arrows
- Built in games
- Built in polls
- Quad-core processor 1 GB RAM and 7GB storage
- Content upload via Internet or Ethernet.
- 24V or 120/230V power supply

HDMI Industrial display

Meets the industrial requierements

- LED backlight up to 60.000 hours lifetime
- Available 10.4" 8" and 7" sizes
- Superbright IPS or TFT screen
- On board 24V or 120/230V power supply

HDMI display

Consumer HDMI displays for prototyping or hobby applications

- Compatible with all HDMI micro PC like Raspberry PI or Odroid
- Superbright IPS or TFT screen
- Available 10.4" 8" and 7" sizes
- 120/230V power supply (US or EU standard)

CF elevator displays

Perfectky meets the elevator industrial requierements

- LED backlight up to 60.000 hours lifetime
- Available 7" 5.6" 5" 4.3" and 3.2" sizes
- On board 24V power supply
- Parallel and Serial inputs
- Up to 64 floors, 8 messages, animated arrows,slideshow
- SD card
- Smartphone Application for programming via "wifi direct" or bluetooth

Crane load limiters

Mechanical Overload Protector for Overhead Cranes / Hoists & Stay Wires

- L/G100M Rope Diameter 8 - 36mm
- Cut out position via microswitch

Gate keeper

One finger application on your smartphone to open your gate

- Hardware has potential free output
- You can set the second output as lightswitch with timing
- Wifi or LAN connection to the internet

Software Development

Elevake Technology is an industrial development and production company with 10 years experience.
We develop apps for mobile devices, wearables and also for industrial solutions.
We develope for Android, iOS, web, linux and HTML5.

For companies: we can build app the company needs, wheter it is industrial or other type of bussiness. If you need special harware to connect your phone to your industrial device, we have some working solution for you.

For persons: we can build app for your personal needs in a cost effective way. You want to control you gate, or you lights in your house by an app, call us and we can make it for you.

The strategy

At the first step we consult to help you to find the best mobile strategies, that interact with your customers. We research your needs, and recommand the strategy for you

Building an app

Our team is group of mixed young and midage engineers with the experience of the older ones and the power of the youngs

User interface design

With our ultimate ui design your app will always be on higher level of the user exerience


Earn money from your app adding ads. We can help you to choose the best way to get the most from it

Share app

Our team can help you to distribut your app, we can even help you how to promote it to get to your costumer

Managing the app

The app life just start with the ending the coding, we provide you a lifetime management

Contact Us

Elevake Germany GmBH

+49 1521 0919439
+49 1521 0919439
354. Koelner Landerstr.
40589 Düsseldorf, Germany

Elevake Hungary Kft

+36 20 974 1756
+36 23 376 134
82. Str. Szovatai
2030 Erd, Hungary

Elevake Beijing Ltd

100043 Beijing, China

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